HAZWOPER 24-Hour Training

HAZWOPER 24-Hour Training

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Workers will be taught how to identify and avoid typical hazards associated with hazardous materials. Personal protective equipment (PPE), hazard communication, decontamination, site emergencies, and basic workplace safety issues such as fall prevention will be covered. 

Training Duration 24-hour course
IACET Credits
Course Delivery Online (PC, Phone or Tablet)

The Hazwoper 24-Hour Training Course is intended for supervisors and managers who operate in industries where unique risks exist. The training complies with OSHA guidelines and assists you in remaining legally compliant. Anyone wishing for in-depth instruction can enroll in the course, which includes instructions for on-the-ground foremen, directors, engineers, and supervisors. The workshop teaches employees and on-the-ground personnel with the appropriate tip to protect their interests while on the job. The Hazwoper 24-HourHour Training Course contributes to the creation of a safe working environment for field employees. 

This course meets the criteria for certification at the 24-hour Occasional Site Worker level under 29 CFR, Part 1910.120 (q) or other relevant state laws. OSHA created the HAZWOPER program to safeguard employees at hazardous sites. This course covers a wide range of topics related to danger identification on the job.

  • Introduction, Regulations, and History 

  • Characterization of the site 

  • Toxicology Education 

  • Toxicology in the Workplace Preparedness 

  • Recognizing Respiratory Protection Hazards 

  • Spill Avoidance 

  • Decontamination 

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 

  • Workplace Safety Procedures 

  • Concerns About Hydrogen Sulfide 

  • Restricted Areas 

  • Medical Monitoring 

  • Procedures for Emergencies 

This training is intended for personnel who are unlikely to be exposed to high-risk dangers in uncontrolled hazardous waste operations. This includes personnel who are only on-site on a limited basis and in regions where dangers do not exceed allowable exposure levels. 

This training is required for the following roles: 

1. Technicians in hazardous materials 

2. Specialists in hazardous materials 

3. Supervisors of hazardous materials 

4. Incident commanders on the site 

5. Supervisors and management 

We give unique training geared to your needs because every firm has distinct requirements. As a result, the cost for each course is tailored to your unique needs. Students can access the internet from virtually any location thanks to the online style of teaching. 

  • The course has a large course library that may help businesses choose the correct course for them and construct a suite. 

  • For milestones and progress, there are email receipts accessible. 

  • Access to thorough information and training courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week can assist to improve performance. 

  • Courses that are interactive 

  • All major credit card vendors in the United States accept payment for the program. 

  • The application and website provide round-the-clock help to address any questions that clients may have. 

  • The training is intended for managers and supervisors. 

4.0 CEUs

CEU Requirements

To receive CEU credit for taking this course, you must:

  • Pass the knowledge checkpoints and complete the entire course.
  • Complete the course evaluation form at the end of the course.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate showing the CEUs earned.